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Dong Guan North Plastic Chemical Co.,LTD. is a recognized experience importer and distributor of chemicals ranging from EVA, petroleum resin, wax, Anti-oxidant, coating, chlorinated products, hot-melt adhesive products, rare metals such Selenium and Tellurium etc.

Since its establishment, insisting on the principle of "mutual benefits", our company has established long-term cooperative relationships with world-wide suppliers including Japan Mitsui, Sumitomo, Tosoh, Idemitsu, Kolon(Korea) ,Dow(USA),Exxon(USA),Arkema(France) ,Shell(Malaysia), Brazil, Sasol(SA), Belgium, Germany and Philippine etc..

Our company imports kinds of best quality of chemical materials for many domestic manufacturers and clients with complete pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service, which let our clients continuously improve their industrial level and product value. Enjoying an excellent reputation in chemical industry, parts of our products have been sold to Japan, Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines and favorably commented by clients abroad.

With the continuous expansion in terms of its scale and sustained economic growth, our company has established sales offices in Guangzhou, Dong guan and Shanghai. Factory of rare metal refining is in operation in Swatow, with chlorinated products plant in Luzhou.

Facing the global business opportunities and challenges in the new age, our company will stride into the brilliance success with the clients' and manufacturers' support and guide of stable and sustainable development and new product exploration.

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